"I come from a proud immigrant family that has been involved with public service in churches, nonprofit organizations, help feed the homeless and hungry, etc. for as long as I can remember. I want to be the voice and the change for the people of California. We need to create more jobs for the working class, improve our schools, more affordable housing, better transportation, build more water reservoirs, and free college tuition for all Californian students, is my top priority. I own a business and a school in Los Angeles and I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done. Together we can be the voice and the change for the people of California."

Klement Tinaj


List of issues


To provide the same quality of education to all 58 counties as I provide in my schools students must have access to updated educational supplies and teachers must be well trained and qualified to teach. I support FREE education for all students attending public schools, community colleges and state universities.  We also need to invest in and support after school programs, STEAM, STEM, libraries and museums.



We are way behind in affordable housing. The rent prices are out of control. Working class people and students who just graduated from higher education are moving to different states because they can’t afford their rent. High unemployment rate and not enough affordable housing is killing our working class and small business.  It’s time to invest in permanent and affordable housing.

Jobs and Economy

Since The Great Recession California has been struggling to reach recovery. It will take a bold leader with new vision to bring back jobs to all Californian's by investing in infrastructure, technology careers, education careers, entertainment, clean water and air, farms, general careers and raise the minimum wage to $15 now and not in 2022.

Second Amendment

The Constitution and Bill of Rights rapidly refer to the “rights” of the people and not the powers of government. I strongly believe that power belongs to the people and I will keep it that way for as long I am Governor.​


We've tried the old fashion and political way but it's been proven that it doesn't work. Useless spending, late and unbalance budgets are destroying our economy, small businesses and working class. I am ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of California and fight the dishonest politicians, broken legislature and special interests.


Our beautiful mountains, farms, parks and deserts make California a top agricultural state, sixth largest economy in the world and most popular state to visit. As a Governor it will be my honor to continue protecting our environment.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and I will do whatever it takes to stop it. Only in California alone, we have over 5,500 cases of human trafficking and in Southern California, we have a stake in making a difference as 72% of all trafficked individuals assisted in California are American citizens. I strongly support the survivors and as Governor I will invest in programs to help support the survivors.


All immigrants deserve a fair hearing by reporting themselves to the system and following the court orders.


Hollywood has the top entertainment industry in the world but most artist make under $7,000 per year. Filmmakers, writers, extras, voice over actors and crew members are struggling to make a living. It’s time for all artist to share in the piece of the pie for the same piece of work. Artist should be eligible for bonuses, residuals and get paid for rehearsal, participation and performances.

Water & Reservoir 

It’s about time to solve the water problem for all  Californians and farms. We need to invest in our service and underground water. This is a serious issue and I will act on it immediately.  Farmers can’t produce if they don’t have water and that causes job loss. Investing in water supplies, recycling supplies, reservoirs and restoring the Bay –Delta will be one of my top priorities as Governor.


I opened Klement Tinaj Foundation or KTF to help feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and educate the needy. I know what it takes to solve the problems of the homeless who are struggling with mental health issues, physical illnesses, and addiction. As Governor I will get all single parents, kids, and veterans into the care system, which includes shelters, permanent housing, and support services.


We celebrate our veterans and we will make sure that we provide all the help they need. They are the reason for our freedom and it will be my honor as a Governor to provide and fund veterans programs including mental health care, physical illness, addiction, housing, etc.


I strongly support liberty, justice and equality and as a Governor I will continue to fight for equal rights, civil rights, women rights and LGBTQ rights.

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