Candidate for Governor Klement Tinaj Speaking to the Artists at UIFF

Tinaj spoke to United International Film Festival on September 3, 2017 where actors, filmmakers, producers and directors had a chance to meet and greet Mr. Tinaj.

Tinaj shared his vision and goals for California. He also explained why filmmakers are shooting their films in different states and countries because the permits, insurances, locations and equipment are out of control in California.

Tinaj also mentioned how working class people and struggling artist are moving out of California because artists make under seven thousand dollars per year and working class people can't afford to make a living.

Tinaj quoted, "What makes California and United International Film Festival special is that no matter where you are from or where you where born Hollywood was, is and will always be home to the artists.

Tinaj also pointed out other issues like affordable housing and small businesses leaving California because high taxes and not enough consumers.

Being an artist, producer and director himself he understands what it takes to make a project. Tinaj quoted, " I know the hard work and dedication you put towards your projects long hours, no sleep and no pay just to create something that wasn't there." Tinaj inspired and gave hope to students and small production companies.

Tinaj helped the UIFF host to give out the awards. After the awards Tinaj met with his supporters.

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