Klement Tinaj Declared his Candidacy for Governor of California

Klement Tinaj declared his candidacy in April 2017 for California Governor. Tinaj decided to launch his campaign for Governor because California needs a leader with a vision and powerful voice that will fight for freedom, justice and equality. The son of Albanian immigrants, Tinaj grew up in New York and moved to California to pursue his Masters Degree. Tinaj envisioned starting his own school to help low income and at risk youth. After graduation Tinaj opened a non profit school specializing in after school programs for low income families. Tinaj has two schools in Los Angeles, a foundation for the homeless and is founder of a film festival. Since launching his campaign Tinaj has traveled the state meeting people in all 58 counties. Tinaj met with senior citizens in San Diego and Vacaville where the focus was on health for California. While in Chico, Tinaj attended the groundbreaking of the new Chico VA Outpatient Clinic and met with veterans and US soldiers. In Sacramento and Los Angeles Tinaj met with young Democrats to discuss affordable housing and and the economy. "I am very happy with the youth and volunteer groups that have been created in California to support my candidacy. I have a wonderful team and together we are bringing a new spirit to the youth and the families of California, "said Klement Tinaj. Klement Tinaj's platform focuses on the economy, unemployment, education, transportation, immigration, health, human trafficking, housing and environment, etc. "California has avoided giving power to the minority and young leaders who are willing to take action in our communities. I want to be the young leader with a vision and powerful voice that will fight for freedom, justice and equality. In both of my schools we have banned discrimination, we have ensured equal rights, we celebrate diversity and have provided quality education in all areas. That is why my staff pushed me to provide the same quality education in all 58 counties of California and secure the same rights for all California people, "added Klement Tinaj. Tinaj's public life has engaged in social development through his school academy and the Klement Tinaj Foundation to fight poverty. "I want to be the voice and the change for California residents and prioritize working class, education, school improvement, build water tanks and offer free schooling for California students, "promises Democratic candidate Klement Tinaj (www.klementtinajforgovernor.com) .

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