Gubernatorial Candidate Klement Tinaj announces his 10-point action plan for California

Gubernatorial candidate Klement Tinaj of California favors the same quality of education to all 58 counties, investing in permanent and affordable housing, protecting the environment, fighting human trafficking and modern-day slavery, and immigration reform.

Tinaj, a Democratic candidate, is pushing for bringing jobs to Californians “by investing in infrastructure, technology careers, education careers, entertainment, clean water and air, farms, general careers and raise the minimum wage to $15 now and not in 2022.”

Tinaj’s action plan includes a 10-point proposal with the slogan “Act Now to Build a Better Tomorrow” #VoteTinaj. The plan proposes the following:

1. STATE WIDE RENT CONTROL & AFFORDABLE HOUSING -Repeal Costa Hawkins Rental Act & Ellis Act. -Invest in Affordable Housing Development. -Invest in permanent housing, emergency shelters and supportive services for the homeless.

2. HEALTH CARE FOR ALL -Pass Single Payer and stop people from filing bankruptcy, losing their homes, losing their business, and spending their retirement money to get healthcare because their insurance refuses an ultrasound and the insurance cancels. -Stops discrimination based on your age or current health status. -Ensure health care that is affordable for every Californian.

3. WATER TECHNOLOGY -Maintain our service and underground water. -Maintain our water supplies, recycling supplies, reservoirs and completing the state water project. -Invest in Water Technology because wasted water from our leaky pipes is skyrocketing our economy.

4. REFORM THE TAX SYSTEM -We pay the highest taxes in the nation, gas tax 12%, rate on the personal income 13.1%, minimum combined sales tax 7.5%. -To keep business, homeowners and college graduates in California we need tax reform including proposition 13.

5. REFORM THE EDUCATION SYSTEM -Invest in Early Childhood Education. -Invest in Public Schools and Special Education. -Hold Charter Schools Accountable to meet States Standards. -Free-Four Year Community College.

6. JUSTICE REFORM -A Fair Social, Economic and Criminal Justice for all. -Stop “additional and considerable” threats to law enforcement. -Proper training for law enforcement. -Stop the war between poverty and racial justice. -Reform Prop. 47, Prop. 57, and AB 109 to stop human trafficking, rapes, murders, repeat offenders and other violent crimes in our communities.

7. TRANSPORTATION -Traffic, poor roads, and car repairs are taking time from your work, friends & family. -Invest in public transportation including: transits, railroads and 564 brides. -Build quality and affordable transportation for all. -Expanding our roads and highways.

8. 100% CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY -Clean environment, clean air, clean water & clean power. -Build new industries to fight global warming and pollution. -Make California the most energy-independent state by protecting our natural resources and building sustainable, safe and caring communities in all 58 counties of California. -To protect our water, air, health and climate we must STOP turning our forest acres into industrial zones. We must STOP fracking our future.

9. JOBS & ECONOMY -We must STOP chasing jobs and small businesses away. -We must reform our current taxes and regulations to keep jobs and workers. -We must invest in Energy – (solar, wind and renewable energy) creates more jobs, makes our nation’s power supplies more secure, and also reduces our dependence on dirty fossil fuels. -We must invest in Water Technology – creates more jobs and puts a long-overdue stopper in our wasteful water systems. -We must invest in Public Transit – creates more construction jobs, solves the traffic problem and helps people get to work on time with fewer costs. -We must invest in Agriculture Industries who employees hundreds of thousands of people, by investing in water technology because leaky pipes and poor agriculture irrigation is not the bright future for our agriculture industries. -Invest in small businesses, who employees about 50% of the state private work force. -Invest in more education and health care facilities, to build on a work force educated by quality employment, educational and economic opportunities. -Invest in growing the economy, creating jobs for the working class and raise the living standards for all. -I believe in public investment that grows the economy for a long run and not short-term programs.

10. BUDGET -Stop late and unbalanced budgets. -Stop useless spending. -Pay Back our Debt $443 Billion ($218B in retirement | $126B in bond | $64B in infrastruction | $22B in deferred payments | $6.8B federal unemployment fund | $4.1B in “inter fund”). -Keep track of the budget, keep our checkbooks balanced and save for the future.

The primary election will be held on June 5, 2018. The top two finishers will advance to the general election in November 6, 2018.

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