CEO, Educator, Artist Klement Tinaj, running for Governor of California, outlines his Vision for Edu

The son of immigrants from Albanian, 28-year-old Klement Tinaj was born in Albania and grew up in New York City before moving to California to get his Masters Degree.

In his “Golden Path to Education Proposal”, Tinaj acknowledges the problems facing California’s public education and his solutions on how to fix them.

“We need to invest in public education and hold charter schools accountable to state standards as well”, he said.

"Tinaj also released a video stating,” As an educator, I want my students to look up to me and say if he can do it, I can do it. As a school owner, I know firsthand how to fix the education system. With two million children living in poverty, as your next governor I will invest in early childhood education, special education, K-12 public education, free-four year community college to ensure that every child in the state of California receives the same quality education.”

“California public schools are performing poor and scored below the national average. Prop 98 passed in 1988 required a minimum percentage of the state’s budget to be invested in education but instead we are putting a limit to it,” Tinaj quoted in his education proposal.

“When profit is put before our children, the children suffer,” said Tinaj.

As governor, Tinaj would be committed to invest in early childhood education to provide programs that are focused on the growth and development of our children, families and staff.

“It will be my lifetime honor to build a healthy and safe community for our youngest residents,” Tinaj said.

With his “Golden Path to Education Proposal” his vision is to offer small class sizes, more tutoring, special education enhancement, more nurses, psychologists, full time social workers, SAT prep, ESL, STEAM, careered technical education access to apprenticeships and jobs. You can read his full proposal at

Tinaj fully supports public education and wants to hold charter schools accountable to meet state standards. “If state standards are not met, their renewal request will be rejected,” said Tinaj.

Tinaj proposed free-four year community college to all students who attend 144 community colleges in California. “We need 1.1 million educated workers by 2030 in order to move our economy forward,” said Tinaj. Gavin Newsom and John Chiang who are also running for governor only proposed free-two year community college.

“Between 2005-2015 California’s public colleges turned away nearly 1 million students. Today tuition, fees and room and board are forcing students to drop out of college and universities and get involved in drugs, alcohol and gangs. My education proposal will eliminate tuition and protect students from debt leading to a higher graduation rate and workforce participation. ” said Tinaj.

Tinaj also released his Ten-Point Action Plan covering issues that matters the most to the people of California.

He may be the youngest candidate in race, but out of 27 candidates he has the strongest plan for California’s education system.

Tinaj is the underdog for the Democratic Party. During the Democratic State Convention he chose not to seek endorsement from his party, unlike his opponents Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa, John Chiang and Delaine Eastin. The Democratic Party has spoken loud and clear when no candidate could reach the 60 percent threshold required for endorsement.

“Delegates and the Democratic Party have spoken that by endorsing no candidate the party is ready for better options,” said Tinaj.

The other options on the ballot are Akinyemi Agbede, mathemetician; J. Bribiesca, retired medical doctor; Thomas Jefferson Cares, blockchain startup CEO; John Chiang, state treasurer; Delaine Eastin, educator/youth advocate; Robert Davidson Griffis, entrepreneur/economist/father; Albert Caesar Mezzetti, retired educator; Gavin Newsom, lieutenant governor/businessman; Amanda Renteria, chief of operations for the state Justice Department; Michael Shellenberger, environmental organization executive; Klement Tinaj, CEO/educator/artist; Antonio Villaraigosa, public policy adviser; Travis Allen, California assemblyman/businessman; John H. Cox,businessman/taxpayer advocate; Yvonne Girard, judicial assistant; Peter Y Liu, no ballot designation; Robert C. Newman II, research clinical psychologist; Christopher Carlson, puppeteer/musician; Josh Jones,author; Zoltan Istvan, entrepreneur/transhumanist lecturer; Nickolas Wildstar, recording artist; Gloria Estela La Riva, graphic artist;Shubham Goel, virtual reality manager; Hakan “Hawk” Mikado, CEO/business owner; Desmond Silveira, senior software engineer; Jeffrey Edward Taylor, marketplace minister; Johnny Wattenburg, business owner.

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