Statewide Rent Control & Affordable Housing

"The housing crisis is a statewide problem and not only for 70 percent of poor Californian’s who’s paychecks go to rent. In 2016, 30 percent of California’s tenants put more than 50 percent of their income towards rent. The housing crises has made life difficult even for those with well-paying, professional jobs. 1 in 10 residents are considering leaving California because of the housing crises, homelessness, food insecurity, extra-long commute and low wages. Nearly 8 million Californians currently live in poverty and most of the working class people are one step away from poverty" Tinaj said.

1. First Point of His Ten Point Action Plan

- Repeal Costa Hawkins Rental Act & Ellis Act.

- Bring back local agencies. - Invest in Affordable Housing Development. - Invest in permanent housing, emergency shelters and supportive services for the homeless.

- Build at least 200 thousand houses per year or 3.5 million by 2025.

- Balance residential and commercial development.

- Units on the streets ground floor commercial and top floor residential.

- Meet each cities housing demand.

- Easy and faster process for housing approvals.

- Reform the CEQR if required.

- Stop blocking housing projects.

- Reform the waiting time from 5 years to no more than 2 years from concept to permit.

- Protect our communities from environmental harm.

"I may be the youngest governor candidate but I surely have the best plans and vision for California. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work," Tinaj said.


"When I entered the governor's race I was the first candidate for governor to talk about rent control and repealing the Costa-Hawkins Act and Ellis Act and now Delaine Eastin and other careered politicinas want to do the same. I don't blame them. They are out of ideas," Tinaj said.

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