Sacramento Bee 2018 Voter Guide Questionnaire: Klement Tinaj

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Los Angeles CA

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PO Box 93211 Los Angeles, CA 90093

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(310) 866-7298

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Masters of Fine Arts, New York Film Academy, 2015; Bachelors of Fine Arts, Five Towns College, 2013; Certificate of Financial Studies, Academy of Finance, 2008.


Actor, Prodigy Talent Agency, 2015-present; Producer and CEO, Eyeless Studios Hollywood, 2014-present; CEO and Director, United International Film Festival, 2016-present; CEO and Educator, Tinaj Arts & Sports Academy 2015-present; Educator, NYA, 2016

Health care: Do you support a “single-payer” health care system? Explain. Yes, I will pass Single Payer and stop people from filing bankruptcy, losing their homes, losing their businesses, and spending their retirement money to get healthcare because their insurance refuses an ultrasound and the insurance cancels. I will stop discrimination based on your age or current health status and ensure health care that is affordable for every Californian. Housing: Do you agree with rent control? Explain. What should government do to solve the housing shortage? Repeal Costa Hawkins Rental Act and Ellis Act and replace it with a bill that protects the landlords, residents and environment. I will build at least 200 thousand houses per year, balance residential and commercial development, units on the street ground floor commercial and top floor residential, meet each city housing demand, make it easy and fast process for housing approvals, reform the CEQA if needed, stop blocking and delays of housing projects, reduce waiting time from five years to less than two years from concept to permit to approve a housing project and at the same time I will closely work with CEQA to protect communities from environmental harm. We are short 1.5 million units in affordable housing, we have the highest homeless population in the nation and our hard working class people, who work two three jobs a day, are one step away from poverty. It's about time to start investing in permanent housing, emergency shelters and supportive services. Gas tax: Do you support the gasoline tax and other transportation fee increases to fix roads? If not, how should the state pay for road repairs? To stop another recession we need tax cut. California is paying the highest taxes in the nation including gas, income, sales, property and state and we are still ranked the worst lifestyle in the nation, worst housing crises, worst transportation and our education system is rated last. All these tax increases are not helping the system but it's making it more confusing and unfair to the working class. Government should be working fairly for the people and not raising taxes for the working class so we can give tax breaks to the wealthy, special interest and corporations who donate to our careered politicians campaigns. Tax breaks to the wealthy are destroying our transportation, economy, social security, education programs, health programs, job training and our future. As your governor I will veto any tax increase, reform proposition 13 and make the wealthy pay their fair share to help the poor come out of poverty, put money in working class pockets and help small businesses survive. High-speed rail: What should the state do next with the high-speed rail project? To complete the high-speed rail project first we need to keep track of the budget, keep our checkbooks balanced and stop useless spending. Late and unbalanced budgets are not only putting a red flag to the high-speed rail but also destroying our economy and leading our state towards recession. We are paying the highest taxes and we still have the worst traffic in the nation. Poor roads, and car repairs are taking over 90 hours of our time per year from work, friends & family. As your next governor I will invest in public transportation including: transits, railroads and 564 brides. I will build quality and affordable transportation for all, expand our roads and highways, create jobs and reduce poverty while saving to finish the high-speed rail. Climate: Explain what efforts, if any, the state should make to combat global warming. 100% CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY - Clean environment, clean air, clean water and clean power. Build new industries to fight global warming and pollution. Make California the most energy-independent state by protecting our natural resources and building sustainable, safe and caring communities in all 58 counties of California. To protect our water, air, health and climate we must STOP turning our forest acres into industrial zones. We must STOP fracking our future. Criminal justice: Explain why you agree or disagree with changes California has made to lower the prison population by setting different sentences for some crimes and changing parole rules. I do agree with some changes California has made to lower the prison population but at the same time we can't have criminals walking in our communities. As your governor I will fight for A Fair Social, Economic and Criminal Justice for all. I will stop “additional and considerable” threats to law enforcement and also provide proper training for law enforcement. I will stop the war between poverty and racial justice by reforming Prop. 47, Prop. 57, and AB 109 to stop human trafficking, rapes, murders, repeat offenders and other violent crimes in our communities.

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