I support low enforcement becasue of thier leadership, service, sacrifice and commitment to excellen

I support law enforcement because they face what we fear. That's why we need to reform proposition, 47, 57 and AB 109. Police officers may not be your favorite person, politician or artist but they surely are our favorite heroes who are willing to face death to save others. The difference between police officers and our careered politicians who supports prop 47, 57 and AB 109 is: careered politicians die lying to you, selling your rights and breaking the laws while police die defending it. This is how law enforcement protects and serves you: - they miss Christmas and other holidays while working to keep you safe. - they give you tickets when your breaking the law as a reminder. - they arrest you for breaking the law or being violent towards others. - they run towards crimes while you run away. - they pull dead bodies from cars and houses. - they save many lives while a person was one breath away. - they hold towels in bullet wounds. - they deal with criminals and gangs everyday. - they risk their lives in high speed car chases to stop reckless drivers from hurting others. - they risk their life to keep you safe and protect you.

I support police because their doing all of this with no thoughts of personal gain or glory. For what they get paid and hours they work, they are mistreated by our careered politicians who are giving criminals and theivess more power and rights than our police officers. As your next governor I will fix our broken system. Law enforcement will be respected once again. I will start by reforming prop 47, 57, and AB 109. When our state jails where overcrowded they passed prop 47 in 2014 to drop inmates case from felony to misdemeanor. Now law enforcement can't collect their DNA from misdemeanor defenders. These thieves, criminals and gang members can steal up to $950 worth from private property or a small business and if they get caught and police take them to the station, they will be released in hours because prop 47 protect them. Today thieves can still laptops, traveling luggage, shoplifting, Fraud or writing bad checks on daily bases and they will never get charged or arrested. If they do, the judge will release them on their first appearance in the court. Prop 47 is not only putting our law enforcement and people in danger but also communities are losing trust and faith in our law enforcement. Don't blame law enforcement for these laws. Blame our current politicians who are protecting thieves and criminals before innocent people. I had a chance to witness first hand. I was in Hollywood when 16 cars got broken into and the defender was released after they took him to the station because of prop 47. Why are they arresting him in first place if he is going to be on the streets in hours. Prop 47 is making it hard for law enforcement agencies to solve cold cases, including those involving murder and rape. If your robbed or your car windows are broken call the public officials you voted for help because police officers are following the laws passed by the people you voted for. As your next governor I will reform the justice system. I will regain the trust between government, law enforcement agencies and innocent people. We will hold accountable thieves, criminals, gangs, and violent people for their actions. - if charged with a felony your DNA will be collected and you will be fully responsible for your action. - I will stop releasing criminals on our streets. - $959 will not be the maximum of shoplifting and stealing. You will be punished and double charged for your action. - I will stop the war between poverty and racial justice.

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